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      Sara M. Gilmore is located at 815-17th Street in Union City, New Jersey. It is situated between Summit and Kerrigan Avenues.  We are a small school but a thriving community of learners, educators, parents and community members.  Gilmore School was founded in 1899.  It was originally known as School #4 in West Hoboken.  In 1925, the cities of West Hoboken and Union Hill merged to become what we know as Union City.  The school was later named after Sara M. Gilmore who was a teacher from 1879 to 1894 and a principal from 1894 to 1919.


       Today, Gilmore School is a Kindergarten through fifth grade school with an enrollment of approximately 400 students.  Our school colors are maroon and white and our mascot is the LEOPARD.  Our main focus is to give our students a strong foundation in reading and math in order for them to become successful students throughout their educational endeavors.

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