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Faculty and Staff Directory


Rolando Cabana, Principal
Katuska Rivera, Asst. Principal
Eileen Turner, At Risk BIL Leader
Lisa Calligy, Tech Coordinator



Michele Rybka-Mercado


The faculty at Gilmore School is dedicated to encouraging personal and educational growth and development for all of our students, on a daily basis. We foster a love of learning that enables taking an active role in education and develop the personal skills that prepare our students for the future.  We strive to guarantee a safe,nurturing environment where respect, pride, and success are achieved and celebrated by all.

Jennifer Lyons K-B4
Toni Marinelli 1st-105
Maureen Martinez K-104
Maria Miranda 1st-101
Lourdes Ros K-B1
Anita Viaud 1st-102

Idalia Alvarez 2nd-204
Holly Franco 3rd-206
Adrienne Castelli 2nd-205
George Herzog 3rd-202
Maureen Scerbo 2nd-203
Guadalupe Rodriguez 3rd-201

Ellen Cifarelli 4th-303
Jeanette Doody 5th-301
Kari Comas 4th-302
Stephanie Hayes 5th-305
Nancy Garabito 4th-304

Dulce Perez Self-Contained Harry Bhairo Computers
Dawn Ebbinghouser Special Needs Resource Ulysses DelRios Physical Education
Mona Behi Special Needs Resource Jose Mazuera World Language

Eileen Rush Science


Robin Oliff Child Study Team Edith Aquije Social Worker
Susan Powers Child Study Team Angel England Child Study Team
Wendy Filipo Speech


Xenia Ashton Parent Liaison

Jeanette Benavides Paraprofessional Deborah Cornelio Paraprofessional
Maritza Gonzalez Paraprofessional Sahar Omar Paraprofessional
Christian Lopez
Martha Babot Clerk
Maria Moro Clerk

Norma Guevara Specialist Clerk Betina Rodriguez Attendance Officer
Pedro Barranco Security Guard  Carlos Aranzazu Security  Guard



Nagina Awan
Ramona Bauta           Maribel Camacho
Rafael Cornelio
Oneida Gullon           Bradley Kodjac
Rosa Montanez
Glenn Palumbo



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