Success for all children is our Mission
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Mr. Rolando Cabana, Principal ext. 4112

Mrs. Katuska Rivera, Asst. Principal  ext. 4114
Mrs. Eileen Turner, Bilingual At Risk Leader ext. 4109

Here at our school, we firmly adhere to the belief that all children can succeed.  We strive to promote this goal through a variety of collaborative efforts.  Our chief goal is to instill a love of learning and a desire to acquire knowledge through innovative methodology.  We actively promote a safe and healthy learning environment that fosters student’s personal growth and learning.  We stimulate cooperative interaction among the students via the implementation of a shared decision making process.  Our faculty and staff are dedicated to each student’s personal and educational growth as well as building a strong connection between school and home.  Our building is alive with the sound of people working, playing, laughing and enjoying all kinds of educational activities.  Our talented teaching staff shows their commitment to teaching through effective methodologies,professional development and infusion of technology.  We continuously educate students who are ready for the 21st century and able to contribute to the ever-changing needs of today’s world.  We have strong parental support and many community outreach and business partnerships that help to complete the goals of our program.  We invite you to partake in the total Gilmore experience. All Gilmore’s children are unique and therefore will benefit from continuous and varied outreaches designed within our school to meet their needs and diverse learning styles.  I have found that administrating in this school has been a very enriching and rewarding experience.  Sara M. Gilmore is a wonderful place to work and learn!!!

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