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For Students
Students at Gilmore School are given an opportunity to participate in a variety of programs offered at the school.  These programs allow students to develop their character.  They also become positive role-models for the younger students.  In order to participate in these programs, students must have parental permission and must keep up their grade average.


Our fifth grade students participate in a nationwide program known as DARE -- Drug Abuse Resistance Education.  DARE teaches kids how to recognize and resist the direct and subtle pressures that influence them to experiment with alcohol, tobacco and drugs.  The DARE program utilizes specially trained Union City police officers to help children learn about perils of substance abuse.  Our fifth grades always shine with a culminating performance at DARE graduation in the spring.

Junior Police and Service Squad

The Junior Police and Service Squad benefit the students who participate in it and the school as a whole.  Students who take on the job of Service Squad and Junior Police learn leadership qualities and model them for the other students.  Both of these squads provide opportunities for improving and maintaining school safety while building student esteem and work ethics.

Extended Day Program

Our school's Extended Day Program is offered to our first through third grade students.  We aim to provide academic achievement to enable all participating students to meet or exceed the Federal tenets of the No Child Left Behind Act as well as the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.  Our goal is to encourage students to develop skills, habits and practices leading to greater school success.

21st Century CCLC Program

Our school provides additional support and enrichment for students in our extended day, 21st Century Learning Centers and Super Saturday Programs.  This program services our fourth and fifth grade students.  These programs allow us the opportunity to help us confront the challenge of meeting the needs of our Special Education and ELL populations.  Our teachers and staff address the social, developmental and academic needs of our students while best preparing them to achieve in our daily curriculum as on the state and standardized testing vehicles.  21st Century CCLC offers basic skills instruction for special needs students as well as intensive ESL strategies for our school's limited English proficiency population.  This is a strong support system for all students to achieve through differentiated instruction and remediation support.  Our teachers work with students not only in academic but also enrichment and character education classes to make our students well rounded and diverse.

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